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Birth of SAL MARTI, by Mateo Martí Nadal.

In Mallorca, the supply of salt was very scarce and was in the hands of two companies, which had the salinas near Can Picafort. They had no way of regulating the distribution of salt. So I saw how the salt, transport, and packaging market worked, and decided to buy a ton of salt to begin with, selling, little by little, and putting my feet on the ground, to see how I could manage in this business.

I reached an agreement with the owners of Salinera Mallorquina and began to go through the villages of Mallorca visiting shops, slaughterers, olive pickers, furriers, ice cream shops and, in general, all the places where they needed to be supplied with salt. We were making sacks that were then jute and not plastic, as they are now. We made them three kilos, which was the approximate measure of what was needed to do massacres, and we tried to make clients without taking into account the profits.

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Soon the salinera of Can Picafort became small for us and we also got in touch with Salinas de Levante, and thus we continue with a volume of sales that we could not imagine. It may be the most curious thing was when I asked Salinera Mallorquina how many tons they produced of salt and they told me that five hundred or six hundred each year. I myself said that it could not sell it in life, and the case was that in three or four years was not enough and we had to resort to other salineras, such as San Pedro del Pinatar, Murcia province, And Formentera.

Know our products for your wholesale


We have all kinds of salt:
- Salt tablet for water softeners
- Salt in grain (crushed and fine) for swimming pools
- Crushed salt for cooking, olives, etc.
- Fine salt for cooking and slaughtering
- Table salt Packed in bags of 20Kg, 5Kg, 2Kg and 1Kg


Lentils, chickpeas peeled, beans, peeled and cooked beans
Packaged in bags of 25 to 50 kg.
And in bags of 10, 5 and ½ kg
Canned cooked vegetables


Semi-long rice in bags of 20 kg and 1 kg, special for paellas, "brut" rice, since it is not passed
Rice anchor of 5 and 1 kg
1 kg long rice
1 kg steamed rice Rice chamber amposta of 1 kg
Rice bomb of 5 and 1 kg


Spice for kills and cooking, click the button below to download our PDF

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    • Bread
    • ‘Panades’
    • Strength
    • Spelled
    • ‘Xeixa’
    • Carob
    • Wheat
    • Tritordeum
    • Corn
    • Some of them are ecological
    • In addition, we have Vinegar in 1l bottle and 5l bottle

Food for animals

Mixtures, canary seed, millet in bags of 25, 5 and ½ kg
Corn, barley, pigeon mix, barley flour, bran, ...
In sacks of 20 to 40 kg, and 5 kg
Broken rice in bags of 25, 5 and 2 kg


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Cleaning products

All types of drinks



Clay articles

Baskets and slippers

Wine cellar in bulk

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Sal Marti

Carrer d’en March, 26-30

07450 Santa Margalida

Tlf: 971 52 30 77 - 971 85 94 37

E-mail: productosmarti@salmarti.com